Pierce the Network Wall      
Modern advertisers, especially direct-response advertisers, derive a large portion of their traffic from publishing networks that are composed of hundreds of smaller publishers. These publishers are typically hidden behind the “network wall” and all treated as part of one monolithic publisher. 

But not A|B Perfect. Individual affiliates and publishers within a network are treated as distinctive channels, and their conversion results are weighed and evaluated individually. Conversion rates and advertising revenues increase as each online channel is directed to the perfect page.
Complete Control      
Ever tried to switch pages in the middle of a campaign? You have to get every publisher to switch the URLs they’re listing, and if they’re an email publisher, there’s nothing you can do about what’s already been sent. With A|B Perfect, you can activate and deactivate pages whenever you like without speaking to the publisher. 

Not that you need to. The A|B Perfect staff will monitor your campaign for you, turning off and on pages at your request, as well as continuously adjusting the flow of traffic to the pages that will produce the highest possible conversion rate based on computer-assisted statistical calculations. If you like, you can use it as a fire-and-forget weapon for boosting advertising revenue.
Easy Implementation    
A|B Perfect is a modular, turn-key solution to campaign optimization.  It can be implemented without disrupting your tracking system or making any modification of the coding on your site, aside from the placement of an A|B Perfect conversion pixel on your confirmation page.

To use A|B Perfect, all you need to provide are the URLs for your landing pages, or the tracking URLs for the pages, and the IDs of the publishers sending traffic to your campaign. The A|B Perfect creates a single redirect URL for each publisher to use. This URL never has to change, even when you want to employ new landing pages in the campaign.
Continuous Optimization    
The problem with running website tests is that they just give you a snapshot of a site’s traffic. One week after the test ends, there could be a shift in audience demographics—from the addition of a new publisher, the arrival of a holiday, or a breaking news story—and you’ll see different results.

A|B Perfect never has this problem, because it doesn’t just perform tests, it optimizes. It measures responses continuously and makes changes for each new piece of data. When conversion rates dive on one page, it can send traffic to another with the click of a button.