In an effort to improve conversions, many advertisers use A/B landing page optimization to track which page converts best. Every campaign should use at least two landing pages, so you can split your traffic, compare results between pages, and then use the page with best conversion rate.     Instead of relying on traditional A/B optimization, advertisers could boost the overall conversion rate of their campaign by intelligently targeting each publisher with the best performing page. A|B Perfect matches the best performing page to each individual partner, without blending results from other providers.    
  The internet is a massively diverse medium with hundreds of thousands of publishers of all kinds of shapes and stripes—SEO, SEM, PPC, social, email, display. And yet, we treat online traffic as though it’s all the same, as though the site visitors who come from a Google search or identical to the ones from an email list.

A|B Perfect breaks down each individual publisher’s conversion results—even the affiliates and sub-affiliates within a network—giving advertisers unprecedented insight into their campaign. With A|B Perfect, a campaign can simultaneously run hundreds of different pages on hundreds of different publishers with complete control over where each traffic source is directed.